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BASED BOX - The most Based gift box in existence!


Introducing "BASED BOX": the most based Gift Box in existence!

Do you love the excitement of giving or receiving subscription-type gift boxes but don't want to just add more cheap flashlights or Chinesium knives to your collection?
Do you want to expand not only your gear collection but also your knowledge?
Do you think Atlas Shrugged is super-based but also about as exciting as watching paint dry?
Do you think I'm using the word "based" too much?

Me too!

You are who I created BASED BOX for: The person whose interests fall closer to the jack-of-all-trades described by Robert Heinlein than the "guns and nothing else" prepper (we still love y'all!). The based renaissance man. The Débrouillard.

So, what sets BASED BOX apart from the rest?

Each box is centered around these 2 FOUNDATIONAL categories:

1 - Piece of authentic USA or foreign military surplus gear.
Could be a mess kit, load bearing gear, a uniform, a bag, et cetera. Could be a
purely "drip" item, but it will always be functional. There could even be MORE
than one piece depending on the item, but no matter what, you WILL get value
from it. No other box offers milsurp, and milsurp is based.

1 - New book to truly expand your library.
Books are based and, frankly, we should be reading at least as much as
shooting. The book could be hard sci-fi (don't worry, no pre-teen wizards), field
manual, dystopian fiction, historical non-fiction, how-to, the possibilities are
The goal for the book selection is to offer something new that you hopefully have
never seen before (so no Brad Thor novels, God bless him), all in our pursuit to
become "Heinlein's man".

Beyond that, there will be other fun bonus items included like patches, stickers, maybe some traditional prepper stuff (though only included with much thought) and anything else that I think someone like myself would enjoy and find valuable.

For these first few BASED BOXes, all boxes will be identical and in a small batch (though with the ability to build additional boxes if needed!) to start, so just be aware of that if ordering more than one of a particular box. Depending on customer feedback (please see note below) I hope to refine whether each batch or month will always be uniform or if I might add variations to lean into the "mystery" aspect.

Not into mystery? Unboxing videos at the links below!

NOTE: Your feedback on BASED BOX is INVALUABLE so PLEASE leave a review below or send your feedback through our Contact Us form. As this is a brand new concept, I want to know from you, the customer, what you think about every aspect of BASED BOX. From packaging, to pricing, to types of items, to overall value, to speed of shipping, EVERYTHING you think about it will help me to offer the best value and decide the path forward for BASED BOX. Thank you!